Providing Services in San Antonio & Throughout Texas

US Medical Solutions (USMS) is a rapidly growing for-profit company proudly serving the local and long distance transportation needs in and around Bexar County.

USMS was founded by a highly talented and accomplished professional, Robert Story.  In serving as the Vice President of a prominent Medical Sales company for many years and in working closely with countless state and federal hospitals, Robert witnessed firsthand the need for increased support services to meet the needs of our seasoned seniors. 

Unlike other services operating as a curb-to-curb service, USMS is committed to safely escorting you or loved ones from your residence or facility to a clean, comfortable, and modern wheelchair accessible vehicle.  On arrival at your destination, our trained staff will safely escort you to check-in.

In leveraging years of professional experience and leadership training, Robert continues to build a strong management team and cultivate relationships with area staff, patients, and families. Rather than focusing exclusively on volume and profits, US Medical Solutions is keenly focused on providing exceptional and timely customer service with the compassion you and your loved ones deserve. 

Robert Story, Founder of U.S. Medical Solutions

Robert Story, Founder of U.S. Medical Solutions

Our Mission

To provide you with a unique, cost effective, and reliable transportation solution that meets individual needs while accommodating facility policies and concerns.

We accomplish our Mission through:

  1. Effective strategic planning with an emphasis on controlled growth
  2. Recruiting, training, and retaining competent and capable staff and employees
  3. Utilizing state of the art ADA-compliant vehicles and equipment
  4. Developing effective and mutually beneficial strategic partnerships throughout our community
  5. Maintaining a flexible posture poised to adjust to various client, facility, and market needs

We are continuously striving to implement effective strategies for enhanced training, integrated technologies, and managerial support and communication.  Because we provide local and long distance transportation, effective planning and communication between dispatch and key facilities is paramount. 

We continuously work on enhancing our scheduling and traffic management in an effort to reduce travel and wait times while increasing efficiency.  We work to adapt and implement policies and procedures to support our mission, to analyze and advise on transportation issues, evaluate scheduling conflicts, negotiate and correspond with carriers, vendors, and strategic partners.

Dispatchers will receive extensive instruction on using our technological integration systems designed to support our growing scheduling and logistical demands. Dispatchers are responsible for the following:

  1. Customer intake  
  2. Preparation of daily schedules and trip manifests  
  3. Effective driver management and scheduling  
  4. Trip management and oversight  
  5. Coordination with facility personnel


Additional Information

As US Medical Solutions continues to expand to new facilities and markets, we are committed to bringing high standards in quality and customer service.  We are dedicated to assisting all of our customers and families by providing cost effective solutions that allow you to pursue daily activities without limitation. 

Our continued goal is to become a fixture within our community.  We seek to become a leading community-based organization that listens to and understands your unique needs. 

In reaching our expectations of success, we are committed to investing in people – you, our staff, and the facilities we serve.  We will continue to leverage and integrate the latest technologies into our daily operation in addition to investing in the safest, most reliable vehicles, equipment, and assets.


US Medical Solutions is an Equal Opportunity Employer headquartered in San Antonio, TX, and is a proud member of the United Medial Transportation Providers Group (UMTPG).  We are committed to hiring and developing employees of character and professionalism to support our corporate culture of integrity, continuity, and sustainability.

On behalf of our leadership team and all of US Medical Solutions, we welcome the opportunity to meet, greet, and learn how we can serve your transportation needs.  Please feel free to contact us at (210) 748-2177.